Femade is an organization that pulls together resources to develop a toolkit for women suffering from chronic or cyclic pain.

Mission: Working alongside physicians and other organizations, Femade will develop a complementary set of tools to help mitigate pain and increase quality of life. It is on Femade to become educated on the differences of the female made (‘femade’) and male made bodies to understand the challenges in treating pain.

  • In the early stages, the toolkit will comprise of education, social support and networking. The goal will be a community approach to determine methods in which pain has been altered using various methods.
  • The longer term goal will be to expand the tools into a physical centre that will comprise of naturopaths, osteopaths, nutritionists, and various other disciplines to provide several approaches in conjunction with pharmaceutical and surgical outcomes through the patient’s medical journey.

Vision: To reduce pain frequency and duration in women who are currently struggling to find a solution. To see more fruitful results in women navigating the medical system on their own. To build a community dedicated to pain management.

Disclaimer: While the words ‘women’ and ‘female’ are used interchangeably throughout this website the organization recognizes that gender nonconforming and transgender may to be included in this wider audience.