There are an exciting number of resources dedicated to healthcare, women,
and equity in Canada. For more information the links are provided below. While we are not affiliated, we are all working together for the greater good.

Canadian Women’s Foundation – To be a catalyst for the most innovative programs, policies, and public engagement efforts creating transformative change in the lives of women and girls in Canada.

Women’s Health Research Network Canada – The Women’s Health Research Foundation of Canada, Inc. (WHRFC) has been active since the early 1980s and is dedicated to the improvement of women’s health in its broadest terms: social, psychological, and physical well being.

Women’s Health Research Organization – The WHRI is a real & virtual organization designed to facilitate women’s health research while providing a community for women’s health researchers.

Gender Equality Network Canada – a subsidiary of Canadian Women’s Foundation; advocate for policy changes, build inclusive intersectional leadership, and take collective action to advance gender equality in Canada. GENC will address systemic change on women’s equality and facilitate national collaboration for action.

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement – identifies proven healthcare innovations and accelerates their spread across Canada by helping organizations adapt, implement and measure solutions that improve the patient experience and healthcare outcomes. We unleash innovations that have been co-designed with patients and families and work shoulder-to-shoulder with organizations, providers, patients, families and Indigenous communities to improve healthcare for all Canadians.

Canadian Women’s Health Network – has since closed its doors but is a great resource; was created in 1993 as a voluntary national organization to improve the health and lives of girls and women in Canada and the world by collecting, producing, distributing and sharing knowledge, ideas, education, information, resources, strategies and inspirations.

Women and Health Protection – a coalition of community groups, researchers, journalists and activists concerned about the safety of pharmaceutical drugs. The group keeps a close watch over ongoing changes in the federal health protection legislation and examines the impact of those changes on women’s health. Our documents make clear recommendations to the government for Canadian legislation that truly
provides “health protection”.

Women and Healthcare Reform – Women and Health Care Reform is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative group who investigates and advises on the effects of health care reforms on women as providers, decisions makers and users of health care systems. WHCR is part of the Women’s Health Contribution Program of Health Canada’s Bureau of Women’s Health and Gender Analysis.

Women’s Health Matters – a Canadian source for trusted, evidence-based and timely information on women’s health.  Our websites draw on the expertise of Women’s College Hospital’s multidisciplinary healthcare community to provide authoritative women’s health information. Information provided on this site is created by health experts at Women’s College Hospital and is designed to support, not replace, the relationship with your healthcare provider.

Women’s College Research Institute – Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) is a multidisciplinary research institute based at Women’s College Hospital (WCH). WCRI is one of only a few hospital-based research institutes worldwide to focus on women’s health. Our scientists, all of who have academic appointments at the University of Toronto, conduct research that improves the health of women, helps people prevent and manage complex chronic conditions, and delivers innovative health system solutions.

CanSage The mission of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of
Gynecologic Excellence is to promote and maintain high standards of excellence in the diagnosis and management of complex gynecologic conditions. The society is committed to ensuring quality education, providing a national forum for discussion of clinical and basic research and promoting improved ways to deliver quality patient care.

SOGCorg – The SOGC’s mission is to promote excellence in the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology and to advance the health of women through leadership, advocacy, collaboration and education.

Women in Canada – Status of Women Canada works to advance equality for women by focusing its efforts in three priority areas: increasing women’s economic security and prosperity; encouraging women’s leadership and democratic participation; and ending gender-based violence. Status of Women Canada also plays a leadership role in the government-wide implementation of Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+).

Empowering Women Leaders in Health – We are a Status of Women Canada (Ontario) funded project on women’s leadership in health care, health sciences and Indigenous health. The overall goal of our project is to achieve transformative systemic change in health care, health sciences, and Indigenous health through the increased participation, visibility, and advancement of women in leadership positions.

The Canadian Health Leadership Network – Our aim is to support the advancement of exemplary health care leaders in Canada. To accomplish this we’ve established a network of partners across the country – all dedicated to the same cause. Together we can create environments that enable and support the development of outstanding health care leadership. 

Patients Canadaa national, independent organization that champions change that matters to patients. As the culture within health care continues to evolve, there is increasing demand for patients to partner in guiding improvement in many areas of health care and across care settings. Patients Canada has pioneered the practice of bringing the authentic patient voice to health care decision-making, ensuring decisions reflect patient priorities.

Innovative Medicines Canada – We believe in ensuring that Canadians have access to the innovative treatments they need and that our activities are a fundamental part of safeguarding our healthcare system for future generations. Our work allows our members to focus on what matters: delivering better healthcare solutions to Canadians.